About Pavilion Tea

Tea has always been a part of life for our founder Li Jialin. In 1990, among the old windy streets, traditional housing and on beautiful lake Hou Hai she founded one of the first tea bar’s in the Hou Hai area in Beijing.

In 2011 she moved from her native China to Canada with her family. She quickly discovered that she could not find the high quality teas that she was used to drinking. Passionate to share the tea experience, she founded Pavilion tea to make the highest quality teas available in the rest of the world.

In 2015, with a passion to share the tea experience with more people she expanded Pavilion Tea to London, UK.

At Pavilion Tea, we always travel directly to the tea plantations and only select a few of the best quality teas from farms with a long family history and culture of producing the highest quality natural teas. We are always looking for new tea sources to make sure we can bring you amazing tea experiences.

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