Tea Quote 107

“Some days ‘staying put’ might feel the same as Going Nowhere. Make a cup of tea, and wait for that feeling to pass.”  Vivian Swift When Wanderers Cease to Roam: A Traveller’s Journal of Staying Put

Tea Quote 104

“When I am at my work each day In the fields so fresh and green I often think of riches and the way things might have been But believe me when I tell you when I get home each day I’m as happy as a sandboy with my wee cup of tay ”  Patrick McCabe…

Tea Quote 103

“And so it continued all day, wynde after wynde, from a room beyond came the whistle of a teakettle. “Now, you really must join me. I’ve some marvellous Darjeeling, and some delicious petits fours a friend of mine gave me for Christmas.” Martha Grimes The Man with a Load of Mischief

Tea Quote 101

“The hour […] can be anywhere between three and six o’clock in the afternoon. The general rule is that the earlier tea is served, the lighter the refreshments. At three, tea is usually a snack — dainty finger sandwiches, petits fours, fresh strawberrries; at six, it can be a meal — or “high” tea —…

Tea Quote 100

“What part of confidante has that poor teapot played ever since the kindly plant was introduced among us! Why myriads of women have cried over it, to be sure! […] Nature meant very kindly by women when she made the tea plant; and with a little thought, what series of pictures and groups of the…

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